The Indian Federation of Spiritual Scientists ( IFSS ) intends to fulfill a long felt need for creating a mechanism and institution for aligning the tremendous energies and efforts of all Spiritual Masters of India and all Spiritual Scientists of India .. so that their work and ideas enters into the Mass Consciousness and plays its rightful role in the new, emerging India . where the ancient spiritual wisdom and the young, modern energy of an educated and aware population combine to build an Enlightened Individual, and a Harmonious Society and a Vibrant Nation.


Attend 29th NCSS at Varanasi from  3rd & 4th Mar 2018
For Details
 Contact : IFSS Uttar Pradesh Coordinator, Mahanthi Ramaraju - +91 7607339911


Founders of IFSS

Brahmarshi Patriji
Founder of 
The Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement


Mrs. Indu Jain
Founder of
The Times Foundation



The small “i” represents the individual who identifies with his “Personality” .. “Body-Mind” .. and the capital “I” represents the individual who identifies with his eternal SOUL. The small and big “ I ”, in togetherness, represent harmonizing and blending of the personal Body - Mind identity with the eternal SOUL identity.

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