The Indian Federation of Spiritual Scientists ( IFSS )

The Indian Federation of Spiritual Scientists ( IFSS ) intends to fulfill a long felt need for creating a mechanism and institution for aligning the tremendous energies and efforts of all Spiritual Masters of India and all Spiritual Scientists of India .. so that their work and ideas enters into the Mass Consciousness and plays its rightful role in the new, emerging India .. where the ancient spiritual wisdom and the young, modern energy of an educated and aware population combine to build an Enlightened Individual, and a Harmonious Society and a Vibrant Nation. Now, the time has come, for all the people who are deeply interested and firmly committed to Spiritual Science in India, to unite on a common platform, for rendering scientific spiritual service.


All the spiritual-minded scientific intellectuals and enlightened masters, especially of India, have to synergize their efforts for formulating a powerful Spiritual Transformational Movement in India.


Such an imperious FORCE would impact and enhance all the social actions and approaches of the four pillars of Indian Democratic System .. namely the Legislature, Executive, Judiciary and Media.

As a result, the Nation would be better off in handling HOLISTICALLY the vital sectors including Health Care, Primary Education, Human Resources Development, Government Administration, Agriculture and Eco-Management, etc, etc.


The main intent of this FEDERATION is to bring together all the people and all the institutions IFSS SPIRITUAL INDIA 12 September - October 2009 engaged in practice, education and research in the Field of Spiritual Sciences .. in India.

Founders of IFSS

The following have come together and decided to form and establish an autonomous “ Indian Federation of Spiritual Scientists ”.

  1. The Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM), founded by Brahmarshi Patriji, which is most dynamically engaged in promoting the science of meditation, science of SOUL, science of vegetarianism and holistic human transformation across the length and breadth of India through spiritual awakening .. and ..

  2. The Times Foundation, founded by Mrs. Indu Jain, which is promoting a framework of collaboration of social and spiritual forces for the Holistic Advancement of India.

Vision Statement of IFSS

To achieve a Peaceful and Prosperous India, through Spiritual Enlightenment of each and every individual in the whole of the Republic of India, by the year 2016.

Mission Statement of IFSS

  • To bring together and align the wisdom and research of all the Spiritual Scientists from India and the Rest of the World.

  • To promote the scientific way of teaching PEACE .. towards creating a spiritually vibrant environment .. for building a harmonious HOLISTIC HUMANITY .. where every individual is happy and joyous and at total peace with herself / himself and the environment.

Objectives of IFSS

  • Promoting research in the science of meditation, science of ESP and science of healing through SOUL-energy etc., etc.

  • To build an all encompassing Library of Spiritual Sciences where all the work .. done so far throughout the world .. will be collected .. specific field wise .. and presented scientifically.

  • Working towards the recognition of the essential subject of Spiritual Sciences by the Educational System of India as a core stream as well as an applied science.

  • Facilitating the establishment of a credible system of accreditation and regulation for the practitioners of Spiritual Science applications.

  • Creating an inclusive framework for collaboration, synergizing and growth of the different streams and domains of different spiritual traditions of India .. sans any cult or individual glorification.

  • To establish an Institute / University of Spiritual Sciences .. within a five year period .. which will serve as an epicentre for all genuine students of universal and scientific spirituality.

Activities of IFSS

  • Establish the National Headquarters of the Indian Federation of Spiritual Scientists as well as the State Level Coordination Centers for creating the necessary infrastructure network for fulfilling all the activities of the FEDERATION.

  • Actively identify and approach all spiritually oriented people and Spiritual Organizations in India, so that an exhaustive inventory is created and a data base is established, which will be continually updated ; a national directory of Spiritual Science Institutes/ Healers in India will be maintained.

  • To work with various National and International bodies for providing funding, scholarships and other.

  • Form of support for all the activities of the FEDERATION.

  • To publish a tri-monthly Journal called “ Spiritual Science ” to cover all the activities of the FEDERATION.

  • To provide credible and research based advice and support to various Governmental and Institutional bodies to develop framework, curriculum, content and practices in applying the Spiritual Science tools and techniques in various sectors e.g. Agriculture, Education, Healthcare, Governance etc.

  • To constantly and actively identify, encourage, adopt and promote any activities or causes which harmonize with the overall objectives of the FEDERATION.

  • To review, modify and revise the activities of the FEDERATION, from time to time, in light of new findings and greater awareness.

Organizational Structure of IFSS

The FEDERATION has been registered as IFSS Trust on 22nd December 2009 to operate under appropriate legal and taxation framework of India and has elected its Executive Committee and other office bearers in accordance with its documented rules of procedure and bye-laws ; appropriate Functional Committees will be set up for conducting various activities.


Initially, the Founding Member Organizations are expected to provide the needed seed-funding and resources to bring the FEDERATION into existence. Subsequently, membership fees collected from members may fund basic operations, while project based grants from Member Organizations and Government are expected to support the full-fledged operations of the FEDERATION.


Individuals and Organizations will become members of this FEDERATION by registration. Multiple types of memberships are proposed including Individual Member, Regional Member, National Member etc.

Member Eligibility

Any Individual or Organization that promotes or has interest in Spiritual Science and its Applications ( as defined in the later part of the document ) can become a member. Profile of potential members :

  • Researchers in the field of Spiritual Sciences

  • New Age masters and Spiritual Counselors

  • Professional Healers in Alternative Therapies

  • Form of support for all the activities of the FEDERATION.

  • Earnest Students / Sincere Enthusiasts

  • Official Head-Quarters & National Coordination Centers :

  • National Head-Quarters ... BENGALURU

  • State Co-ordination Centers ... Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Thiruvanantapuram, Ahmedabad, Bhubaneswar, Dehradun, etc