8th NCSS

11th & 12th April 2013, Vijayawada

Brochure : Telugu, English | Participated Spiritual Scientists

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Inauguration of 8th NCSS at Vijayawada IFSS Teaches the principles of Spiritual Science
- Sri I V Reddy
Guided Meditation by Pippila Prasad Patriji's Message at 8th NCSS
- M Swarna Latha
IFSS helps to share knowledge of Spiritual Scientists
- Dr Gangaraju
You can become a Spiritual Scientist
only if you do Meditation 
- Swamy Maitreya
Vegetarian diet is more Nutritive - Dr.Satyanarayana  



The small “i” represents the individual who identifies with his “Personality” .. “Body-Mind” .. and the capital “I” represents the individual who identifies with his eternal SOUL. The small and big “ I ”, in togetherness, represent harmonizing and blending of the personal Body - Mind identity with the eternal SOUL identity.

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